The Mason-Dixon Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association

The Mason-Dixon Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association currently sanctions three tournaments. A Boys' Basketball Tournament and a Girls' Basketball Tournament are held simultaneously in different locations during January of each year.  A Girls' Volleyball Tournament is held during October of each year.

The member schools are able to follow all the tournament action by going to the Boys' Basketball Tournament Website or the Girls' Basketball Tournament Website. January is the month for basketball tournaments, so be sure to check them out. October is the month for volleyball tournament,  Volleyball Tournament Website. You can learn a lot about the MDSDAA by visiting the sites and checking out what happened during the tournaments.

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Mason-Dixon Tournaments



January 26-28, 2017


Louisiana School for the Deaf

2888 Brightside Lane

Baton Roughe, LA 70821


January 26-28,2017


Eastern North Carolina

School for the Deaf

1311 US HWY 301-South

Wilson, NC 27893


October 13-14, 2017


Mississippi School for the Deaf

1253 Eastover Dr.

Jackson, MS 39211


Mason-Dixon Future Tournament Sites

Boys' Basketball Tournament

  Girls' Basketball Tournament   Girls' Volleyball Tournament
Year Hosting Site   Year Hosting Site   Year Hosting Site
2017 Louisiana   2017 Eastern North Carolina   2017Mississippi
2018Alabama   2018North Carolina   2018Virginia
2019 Kentucky   2019Mississippi   2019Florida
2020 Eastern North Carolina   2020South Carolina   2020South Carolina
2021Mississippi   2021Florida   2021 Eastern North Carolina
2022South Carolina   2022Georgia   2022 Louisiana
2023Georgia   2023Alabama   2023Georgia
2024Virginia   2026Kentucky   2024Tennessee
2025Florida   2025Virginia   2025North Carolina
2026Tennessee   2026Louisiana   2026Tennessee
2027 North Carolina   2027 Tennessee   2027Alabama

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